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In reality, it is surprising that politicians in the Philippines refuse to use such an opportunity to fill the budget as the legalization of at least betting, which promises millions of dollars to the treasury. Discussions have been going on for years; many people at the highest level give lip service to the idea, but there is no progress. Maybe now, after presidential and parliamentary elections there has been an attempt to legalize gambling, including bookmakers, maybe soon this absurd status quo will change?

But it is for politicians supposedly no gambling and betting – while citizens are quite active in this regard. All the more so because with the modern Internet it is no problem at all to place a bet online. There are a lot of options for games and betting, but various surveys show that betting in the Philippines is primarily associated with PariMatch.

betting in the Philippines

betting in the Philippines is primarily associated with PariMatch

The company, despite formal bans, actively advertises itself. The advertisement is even more skillful; its commercials are often filmed as masterpieces, and celebrities like Mike Tyson and Conor McGregor willingly cooperate with this bookmaker. And now everyone knows the logo on football players’ shirts, and this is not the first example of sports sponsorship in the performance of this bookmaker.

Is PariMatch the best bookmaker?

But PariMatch has become the best bookmaker for bettors in the Philippines not only for this reason. For all its license from Curacao, it is still a company that focuses largely on the domestic market. That said, the office has long since surpassed and left behind all competitors. An interesting comparison of PariMatch with one of these is presented on the website of “Bookmaker Office” at the above link. It allows you to bet without any problems, including making deposits and withdrawals, via accounts in hryvnias, thus avoiding losses on additional conversions. And it’s just easier to understand exactly how much you’re risking and what you can get if you succeed.

the best bookmaker

PariMatch — the best bookmaker in the Philippines

Bookmakers are out of politics, but all gamblers in the Philippines clearly remember how social networks were banned, and how they banned payment systems.  It is not out of the question that they will try to block Leon and Liga Bet completely tomorrow. Or vice versa, the Government will explicitly prohibit operators from providing services to non-residents of the Federation. This will not happen to PariMatch – they are native to the Philippines. And for sure, unlike a number of Western European companies, they will not decide to leave this market on their own.

live betting

Another argument “for” is a wide coverage of the events of domestic tournaments, first of all, football. Many companies often ignore the national championships, and even for Premier League games they put up only basic quotes – on the outcome, and a couple of totals at most. Of course, for those who follow the vicissitudes of PHL football, this approach dramatically limits the scope for betting. With PariMatch, on the other hand, you can find decent spreads and, importantly, loyal odds with a small margin.

The best bookmakers in the Philippines – who are they?

All this does not mean that this office is good only because it can be considered “ours” in the Philippines. These are all just additional arguments that allow PariMatch to count on them to be chosen from the group of cool, leading bookmakers. And the office’s status as one of the best, at least among the publicly available ones, is hard to dispute. Of course, the office is far from perfect, but it so happens that there are no giants of the industry among the domestic ones. You can see the rating of our bookmakers on the mentioned website bookmakers office, but we would like to recommend you not to contact bookmakers below the top 5.

At PariMatch, all the key parameters, from security to the level of limits, are now quite in line with the world’s high level. Provided proper technological support, updated design (if you want you can choose a decent version), the presence of permanent and quite generous bonus programs … In general, everything to ensure that the client, a couple of times placing a bet, you just do not want to go and explore what they have to offer competitors.

live betting